Holistic Perimenopause Care and Hormone Replacement


Holistic Perimenopause Care and Hormone Replacement

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About Me

My name is Nicole Smith and I have a Doctorate of Advanced Nursing Practice with board certifications in Family Practice and Orthopedics. I am also a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, and an athlete. I am the founder of Antigravity Wellness, my private practice where I specialize in helping perimenopausal women get the help they need to finally understand what is going on with their bodies and the treatment they need to feel better inside and out. As a woman in perimenopause myself, I empathize with my patients and I am here to let you know: you do not need to live this way!



My Happy Clients!

"I started my journey with Nicole on 07/27/22. I was broken, my body ached all over and I kept blaming it on my previous c-sections. I kept blaming all my ovarian cramps, headaches, fatigue, and soreness on having a baby, breastfeeding, and not getting sleep. Never once did I want to admit it was my diet. I put my needs last. My kids needed me more than I needed to take care of myself. Did I admit that? No. I said that I hated “diets”, and my daily nutrition was just fine. I was at the highest weight I had ever been. My coworker, who had been doing Nicole’s program for a couple of months, convinced me to finally look into it myself and be a better person. Not only for myself but for my family. I am so happy I did and I’ll never look back. It’s been 6 weeks, that’s it, and my entire life has done a 180. I have so much energy for my kids, my husband, and my life. I am present for everything rather than being on the sidelines. I no longer feel groggy or fatigued, AT ALL. My body aches have completely diminished. My endometriosis pains have completely subsided. No headaches. No lightheadedness. I feel myself again. Not to mention I’ve already lost 10 pounds and two clothing sizes. Nicole has completely changed my life. She is an amazing coach and is totally open to all clients' needs. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without her and I am so grateful for her." -T.F.

"I am so thankful for Nicole! I started my journey with her Mid-August because I knew my eating habits were horrible. Even though I had lost roughly 30lbs before signing up she has helped me turn my fat into muscle and get me back on track to making healthier food choices. Since being with Nicole I have lost at least 5lbs of FAT a month and turned that into 5lbs of MUSCLE! I am also very picky when it comes to food, but Nicole has been amazing in putting together a food plan that fits my liking and the food my children will eat. People ask me all the time what I have been doing and expressing how good I look, and I tell them if it wasn’t for my nutritionist [Nicole] I wouldn’t be where I am at. I like to brag to people about Nicole and her nutrition program. As a single full-time working mother and student along with two boys, one autistic one and the other an active football player, her meal plan, grocery list, and prep planning have made my life so much easier. I hated having to find meals, put together my own plan, and then my grocery list; it is one less thing to think about and stress over. I am coming to the end of my 3 months with Nicole and will continue my journey with her even after reaching my goal. She really has changed the way I look at food, and my body and it is rewarding seeing the changes happen week to week. My body feels great, my skin has cleared up tremendously, my hair isn’t falling out in abnormal chunks, and the joints in my hands feel the best they have felt in over a year! I never realized how unhealthy I really was and how much my body was affected by the poor food choices I was making, but Nicole has changed that and for her, I am forever grateful." -L.P.

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